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When is All-Stars? 
Near the conclusion of the regular Spring Season, the coaches and board members select an All-Star team from the SHETLAND, PINTO, MUSTANG, BRONCO and PONY divisions.  They will evaluate the player's performance throughout the season.  All-Star participation requires an additional fee (TBD).  All eligible players will be required to remit the fee prior to participation in this program. All-Star season is after the spring season only. 

What is All-Stars? 
At the end of the Spring season, PONY hosts All-Star Tournaments for the South Division (which Balcones falls under). There are two levels of All Stars:
Recreational (or traditional) - Most of our teams fall in this category in Balcones.

Platinum (this program started this year and is for open or select teams)
For Recreational All Stars, this includes two warm-up tournaments prior to the PONY sanctioned tournaments.  The PONY sanctioned tournaments are:
1) Sectionals  - Austin Area teams & surrounding towns 2) Regionals - Central TX area teams as far away as San Antonio, TX 3) Nationals - Teams throughout TX, LA, MS, FL, OK, AL, & GA. 

Sectionals - If a team places well enough in Sectionals, they will advance to Regionals.  Regionals - If a team places well enough in Regional Tournament,  they will advance to Nationals.  If the team is Shetland or Pinto, the Nationals is in Slidell, LA. 
If it is Mustang & above, the Nationals rotate locations from South TX, to the Austin area to LA.

Platinum All Stars/Travel teams - these team(s) will have to qualify for Nationals in a PONY Platinum tournament, but there are no set Sectionals or Regional tournaments for them to participate.  See the website to get the exact city, or state.


Who will be the All-star coach?
The All-star coaches are selected by the board members.  Coaches must also complete a variety of requirements throughout the season. 

INFORMATION FOR PARENTS about All-Stars - All Stars is a big commitment for both the player and parent.  All-Star teams will practice 3 to 4 times per week once school is out. They may play in 1 to 3 warm-up tournaments locally before the official All-Star tournaments begin in June. A team may play in up to 3 All-Star tournaments depending on how far the team advances.  All Stars is a lot of fun and is worth the commitment.  However, if you don't think your daughter or you can make the commitment (e.g., vacations, other summer activities, etc.), please let your coach know that you are not interested.  If your daughter is interested in All Star, but will miss some practice time due to a vacation, etc, talk to our coaches to work out a solution.  These are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  We encourage all selected players to play.

***It is the Balcones goal to become recognized as an elite All-Star program.   Our All-Star coaches will do all it takes to get our players to the next level of play and beyond.  It is not only winning, but team work and fun team camaraderie.  Not only do you our girls meet new friends from our other teams and leagues.  Each player builds confidence and respect each other as individuals.  Each player also exercises cerebral mind thinking playing the greatest game on earth, and not even realizing it.  Hard work & play is rewarding.