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This page is to help you determine where your child best fits based on her age & skill level. 


Your daughter's softball age and the division will be determined by their age on January 1st of the season (Fall or Spring) in which they are playing.


Below is a list of our PONY softball divisions:

  • SHETLAND SOFTBALL for girls ages 4-6:
    • Similar to T-Ball baseball, players will hit using a batting tee and use an 11" softball.


  • PINTO SOFTBALL for girls ages 7-8:
    • Coach Pitch, players will still use an 11" softball. Players will hit by a pitch thrown by a Coach.


  • MUSTANG SOFTBALL for girls ages 9-10:
    • 11" softball is still in use except this is the first year where an opposing player will pitch the ball. Pitching distance is 35' (feet).


  • BRONCO SOFTBALL for girls ages 11-12:
    • Player pitch softball still, except they now graduate to the 12" softball. Pitching distance is 40' (feet).


  • PONY SOFTBALL for girls ages 13-14:
    • Not much different from Bronco play, most players are now getting ready for high school play or already playing at the high school level. Pitching distance is 43' (feet).

BYS welcomes all young ladies ages 4 and up to come on out and play softball with us no matter what their experience level may be. It is never too late for anyone to enjoy the experience of playing organized softball regardless of the age they choose to start playing. So whether you have never played before or if it's been a while since you last played the game of are always welcome to join us and become a member of the BYS family. We look forward to seeing you at the ballpark!